What Are the Common Tools Used by A Locksmith

What Equipment is Used by Locksmiths: The Tools of the Trade

Locksmiths are true artisans within their trade and this industry has existed for centuries. Of course, the tools and equipment used have changed over time.What Are the Common Tools Used by A Locksmith While some devices boast what can only be called a traditional edge, a handful of other tools are meant to address modern requirements.

So, what type of equipment will locksmiths in Liverpool employ when dealing with everyday situations? Appreciating these tools will help us “unlock” some of the secrets behind this interesting trade.

Key Extractors

Locksmiths will often respond to emergency call-outs as the result of a key that has broken off within a lock.

So, it only makes sense that these professionals are equipped with a tool that is able to extract a broken key. This small and handy device will quickly remove any remnants; allowing the customer to access his or her property.

Tension-Related Tools

Most locks are designed around the concept of tension. There are various pins located within these units and specific levels of tension will enable these pins to fall into place.

This is actually why a typical key has grooves and a specific shape; the pins are essentially designed to fall into place; thereby opening the lock.

In the event that a key has been lost, tension-related tools will be used by a locksmith to manipulate various pins until the proper configuration has been reached. This process requires experience and a great deal of skill.

Key Programmers

The modern auto locksmith will often be dealing with cutting-edge technology; frequently involving the use of electronic or key-less mechanisms.

This is why another tool which has become extremely common is known as a transponder key programmer.

All technicalities aside, this device uses a radio frequency in order to reprogram the ignition of the car in question.

Assuming that the process has been completed, the customer will be provided with a new key fob which possesses the correct frequency.

If you happen to become locked out of your vehicle or home, please contact Liverpool Lock Solutions. We are proud to offer all of the tools of the trade.

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