How Do Locksmiths Make Keys For Locks

Locksmiths represent true artisans within their field. In fact, this craft was associated with guilds for centuries due to the rather secretive nature of their associated skills.

How Do Locksmiths Make Keys For Locks
While every professional has developed his or her own proprietary technique, there are still some basic steps that will need to be taken in order to successfully transform a metallic blank into a functioning key.

So, how do expert locksmiths in Warrington perform their magic? Let’s take a quick look at some of the steps that will need to be taken.

From Blank to Key

Any key begins as what is known as a blank. This is essentially a small piece of metal that has the basic shape of a key and yet, there are no indentations or grooves. There are two main machines which are thereafter used to fashion a key from a blank:

  • A punch-down machine.
  • A duplicating machine.

Punch-down machines utilise the concept of downward mechanical force to literally “punch” the grooves into the side of a key. The user will first present the configuration of these grooves (sometimes known as “codes”). Once the correct parameters have been set, he or she simply pressed down on a lever to apply enough pressure to form grooves within the edge of the blank.

The second method is often considered to be the most traditional. Duplicating machines will trace the pattern of an existing key to make a copy. The first key will be firmly inserted in place. A blank is then placed alongside.

Once the machine is activated, a cutting wheel begins to spin. A small pin will trace the grooves of the existing key. The movements of this pin essentially replicate the cutting action of the wheel that is forming the new key.

While there are still manually operated versions of this mechanism, automatic duplicators have become commonplace due to their speed and accuracy.

Please note that completely different methods will be employed in order to replace an electronic vehicle key (such as a key fob). Still, the processes mentioned above are quite advanced and they require a significant amount of talent to achieve the desired results.

If you would like to learn more about the techniques or technologies employed by Liverpool Lock Solutions, please give us a call. We will be happy to address any questions as well as to provide you with a new key in no time at all.

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